A cross cultural garden wedding

You know I love a non-white wedding dress, and this pale blue number is simply beautiful amongst the garden setting of this wedding (or Solemnisation ceremony). Spectacular flowers adorn the garden marquee and breathtaking photography captures the love of the bride and groom against a magnificent sunset. LOVE!

Also, the bride was totally inspired by my Instagram account which is an absolute honour. I love hearing of real brides who used the Instagram and the blog as a source of inspiration. Thank you Serahphina for your lovely words and for sharing your wedding with me!

Style of Wedding I’m the second child with an elder sister and four younger sisters (yep, six girls!), and my now husband Shahrukh is the fourth and only son in his with five sisters (we now have TEN sisters!!). It’s the first wedding in both the families so it was difficult to juggle what with the different Malaysia and Pakistan cultures. As you may already know, the first wedding is always everyone’s wedding. Shahrukh and I have always wanted an intimate wedding, but as the date got nearer it turned out to be bigger than we expected, it was fun nonetheless and despite not having our way with things, we wouldn’t have changed anything about it otherwise it won’t have been what it was!

The wedding was supposedly a simple/modest (though my mom went overboard with the flowers) garden wedding. Miri is a very small town with as little wedding resources. You can’t even imagine how ancient the style is over here, we had to buy our own chivalry chairs, lanterns, vases, candles…. the outcome was pretty impressive thanks to my parents and my sisters who were directly involved in the planning despite having wedding planners imported from Kuala Lumpur as they only came on short visits.

What marriage means What marriage means to us? Well, it must mean spending the rest of our lives with the person who brings out the absolute best and worst in us. Anyone who claims that marriage is all rainbows and butterflies, they’re lying. Shahrukh annoys me, I annoy him. But we love each other so very much, we re definitely 51% bestfriends and 49% lovers.

Bride’s dress Bride/groom outfit both Syomir Izwa’s, he is definitely the best local designer Ive met so far. He understands not only what we ladies want, but also what we need which is a definite plus! Everything I had on from the hair accessory (Ivory & Co.) to the shoes (Jimmy Choo) to the dress, they were all practical (I can wear them all again without looking like a bride) – I did not go with the typical white fluff dress cos it seemed silly to pay for so much to keep your wedding dress hanging in the cupboard…

Location Home, home, home, the only garden Ive known my whole life. My late grandfather (may God bless his soul), I wish he was around to see his first grandchild marry, he built our home so I wanted him to be a part of the solemnisation in some way.


Hair and bouquet by Ilyazid Ilias
Make up by Fatin Hanani
Bride and groom both in Syomir Izwa
Photography by Omar Mokhtar & Nick Lim
Decoration by Roll Em Production Malaysia
*Everyone directly involved in the wedding were nothing short of amazing. Many of which we met as vendors-clients, and thanks to the best affair of my life we have made friends out of them <3

Last but not least, your account inspired me a lot with the simplicity. No white dress fluff, effortless hair and makeup, textured bouquet, it all adds up to incorporating my personality into the ceremony and making it closer to the heart. So much love!




























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