A lilac engagement dress inspired by Elie Saab

This stunning lilac engagement dress was sewn by her mother, who by the way, is a very talented seamstress. Lucky girl! Her gown was inspired by the embellished, long sleeved, pastel beauties that Elie Saab sent down the runway in his 2013-2014 collections. What I also love is the simple headscarf styling. With such a detailed dress, sometimes it’s best to keep the headscarf styling restrained and minimal, so as not to take away from the intricacies of the gown.

Here are all the details:

Dress I was inspired by Elie Saab for the dress. My mum and I scoured fabric shops to find something similar in a lilac shade. Eventually we settled on this beaded fabric. My mum is an amazing seamstress and she sewed my dress to perfection.

How we met We met seven years ago, in the good old MSN (a chat site) days. We were chatting back and forth when we finally met face to face a year later and got to know each other better. We got engaged on July 7th 2013 and we are now happily married.

Engagement theme I have a thing for shades of purple. I thought a lilac colour would look nice against the grey tone of the dress. I also wanted a modern theme with a traditional hint to it, so the catering was all traditional food. We also used traditional tea pots all which my mum ordered from our home country! (East Turkestan)

Cake and Desserts Done by the amazing Shukran (Instagram @shukscakes)

Flowers simple arrangements on each table.

Photography Ryan Abbas













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