Abir and Mohammad

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Abir and Mohammad’s engagement is by far one of the most beautifully executed DIY affairs I’ve seen, and let’s admit it, DIY-ing an event might sound like a good idea, but it can go horribly wrong with a lack of organisation and vision. Abir and Mohammad’s desire for a small and intimate affair coupled with what she calls her ‘indecisiveness’, but I suspect may simply be a clear vision, ultimately resulted in an inspiring affair.

Everything from the rustic chic (yes I may have just made it up) decor, flower arrangements, the food and even Abir’s beautiful gown was lovingly made by family and friends. I absolutely love the hanging greenery, the velvet curtain backdrop with the floral arch, the gratuitous dessert table, the eclectic table setting and also the plants as bonbonierres. It was no easy feat however, with Abir and her family working on the set up in the days leading up to the engagement. After finally deciding on having it at her uncle’s backyard, they worked on setting up tables, laying out the table runners, organising chairs and getting the floral arrangements up. Abir says, “we stayed up really late, and if it weren’t for a great makeup artist, I would have looked like a zombie!” Well, far from looking like a zombie, Abir stunned in her red gown with intricate lace and beaded details, with overskirt. Pairing it with a neutral coloured headscarf was also a stroke of genius, as it complemented the dress perfectly.

On marriage, Abir remarks,

Marriage is being able to hang out with your best friend everyday. It is being there for one another, protecting and nurturing one another. With the lead up to our wedding, many people have asked me “are you all about the wedding or the marriage” and this question baffles me each time. I mean, I know weddings are important, but I could never imagine ‘being all about the wedding’ – for, without the marriage, what would even be the point of a wedding?”

Congratulations again Mohammad and Abir and we are looking forward to the wedding!

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Photography Jade Berber

Event Planner/Florist/Catering DIY

Desserts/Decor on dessert table FR Creations

Venue Bride’s uncle’s backyard

Bomboniere Flourish bomboniere


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