Aise and Enes

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I love a wedding where it is clear that a lot of thought, time and effort has gone into the details, guided by a unified vision that results in a comprehensive, seamless and ultimately, beautiful, day. Aise and Enes’s day, captured by Lah’za Photography, is a perfect example. Aise’s vision of a shabby chic vintage wedding in a dusty pink and gold palette with lace and pearl details was beautifully executed, from the bride’s glamorous dress, to the cake adorned in lace, plenty of DIY elements and one of the most stunning bridal parties I’ve seen.

Although Enes had had his eye on Aise, he couldn’t muster the courage to approach her. So it seemed like a serendipitous coincidence when a mutual family friend, without knowing that he was interested, called and asked whether he’d be keen in getting to know a girl named Aise. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity and he played it cool, not giving away that he already admired her. From there they spoke a few times, and literally within a week his family came over to her house, asking for her hand! Aise noted that although there was no typical ‘dreamy proposal’ he ” fulfilled all my dreams, as I always wished that whoever I were to marry, would ask for my father’s blessings first, and that, he did!”

After a relatively short engagement, Aise started planning the wedding. Enes was happy to have Aise plan it as she wished, trusting her vision for their special day. Aise reflects that “although the planning was fairly stressful, in spite of that, my family was tremendously supportive. They aided me in every way possible, and I could never repay them. One of the highlights was when we were discussing the wedding timetable, mum and I shared a moment where we danced to a song about a daughter leaving her mother’s home. We did plan to do it on the night, but it was far too emotional. The night before the wedding I was spray painting the LOVE sign, fumes everywhere and my mum was scared I was going to die before she got to see me get married. It was not funny at the time but I can laugh about it now.”

When it came to the wedding dress, Aise knew that she didn’t want to wear a white wedding dress. She opted for a dusty-pink-mushroom colour, instead. She first went to try on wedding gowns at various dress stores, to see what style accommodated her taste but also to her religious values. They were all either in white, sleeveless or very fitted. Not being fond of the skivvy or bolero look, and not being able to find exactly what she envisioned, she had it made by Ezra Derya Couture. The result was a truly stunning, beaded gown in the softest, barely pink colour, with long sleeves and a perfect fit.

The day itself was wrought with emotional moments, such as when her father first saw her in her wedding dress, he could not help his tears tremble down his face. Aise kissed his hand and cried with him. Aise says “it was a very emotional and special moment. I will never forget that moment. Then Enes came upstairs and seeing him put a smile on my face.” Turkish wedding traditions enriched their day, such as when the groom’s family comes to the bride’s house with pockets full of money. The bride’s door is guarded by young ones, who request money, before the door is opened for the groom to see his bride. The  ceremony where the father, or the uncle, of the bride, ties a red ribbon around her waist three times, while making Dua (prayers), represented strength. And before the bride stepped out of her parent’s house as a wife for the first time her father-in-law read a prayer for a happy, long and prosperous new beginning.

Ultimately upon reflecting on their day Aise says, “it is a day that cannot be replaced or repeated, therefore we made sure to enjoy every moment. But the most important of the day is now we have the rest of our days together” and her advice on marriage? ” One of the best advice we received was that a man desires respect and a woman desires love; when that cycle takes place by showing love and respect to each other, you truly do find happiness and everything else that marriage has to offer…”

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Vendor Details

Photography Lah’za Photography Bride’s Dress Ezra Derya Couture  Veil Ezra Derya Couture Headscarf Styling The Haya Atelier Flower Crown Flowers bought by the bride and assembled by The Haya Atelier Clutch Alannah Hill  Makeup Fulya Fikir  Bridesmaids gowns Custom made Groom’s suit Peter Jackson Groom’s shoes Windsor Smith Watch Emporio Armani Barber Ozzie O’s grooming Groomsmen’s suits Bossini Florist DIY Reception/Ceremony Venue Firenze Receptions Cake/Desserts Cupcakes and Sprinkles by Aadila


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