Anna and Siraj

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Today we’re sharing just the most beautiful bridal portraits. Anna and Siraj’s photographer friends brought forward the idea of having an intimate portrait session before the wedding day, which clearly is a great idea, one that we’d love to see more of. The photo shoot was done in the dining room of the bride and groom’s 1920’s Art-Deco apartment. Anna and Siraj met through their community and mutual friends, and after “having decided that we wanted to be in each other’s lives forever” they proceeded with the engagement and wedding planning.

For the shoot, Nadia and Linda (from LinWin design studio) suggested all white clothing.  They decorated the dining room with twinkle lights, white tulle, flowers and candles. The table is from the bride’s father’s family and is a vintage porcelain table. The bride did her own make up with the instruction of LinWin to use a bright lipstick, for a pop of color. The intimate setting of doing the shoot in the bride and groom’s home and their friends as the photographers really allowed for them to be really comfortable.

Of the experience of an intimate shoot before the wedding Anna recalls,

“The whole shoot was memorable, I remember at one point Siraj getting uncomfortable infront of the camera and we have a couple of images where he was being goofy, it was fun to capture on camera.It was an amazing experience; to be able to be in our future home together and have our close friends taking photos of us was so fun. We were able to be ourselves and I think that came through on the photos. It has been funny since the shoot, our photos have somehow circulated the Internet and we have been made into different memes, which was very funny to see.”

On marriage…

“Marriage means the world to us. I think we both are so happy to have found the person we can just be ourselves with. Having a best friend and knowing they will always be there for you is an amazing feeling of love. Learning someone’s mind and heart has been a journey thus far and it has only just begun.”

Thank you Anna and Siraj for sharing these photos, they are simply stunning in their simplicity, honesty and beauty.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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  • Chantal says:

    What a lovely idea!! and the concept that your best friends will capture your photos makes a bride very relaxed and comfortable!

  • Lisa says:

    Awwww Lovely…

    This is beautiful…

    Added with the beauty and charm of bride & groom, the way and art of clicking the picture has added icing to the cake.
    These are perfect poses clicked at perfect time. The most important thing is their compatibility. Both of them are looking perfect with each other in love and affection….

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