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Let’s be honest. Weddings are all about the flowers. They are essentially what make a wedding, a wedding. Am I right? The problem however is that having lots and lots of flowers, as is the current trend,  will take up a huge chunk of your budget and can also have a negative impact on the environment (as I’ve discussed here). Also, I think a more natural, just picked from the garden look is more beautiful and suitable for a wedding as opposed to the overly styled prim arrangements. To achieve this,  find a location that is already beautified with blooming flowers. Of course you have to check for the season that the flowers would be in bloom and whether you have to gain permission to take your photos there, or if you have to pay…

Here is a round up of some beautiful locations…


Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Western Australian flower fields

Liverpool plains NSW

Sunflower Route Queensland


Keukenhof Park near Lisse, Holland


Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve near Lancaster, California

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California


Lavender fields in Provence


Hallerbros forest, near Brussels, Belgium


Hitachi Seaside Park

*click images for sources



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Alternatively, you could scout some locations around your city where plants/flowers can serve as a backdrop to your ceremony or location shoot, such as a flowering wall or an oversized bush of hydrangeas. It may take some time, or you could ask your photographer who would have a good idea of various locations…

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