Best of… Styled shoots

This was a big year for us here at The Modest Bride. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bring our visions to life with styled shoots. Here are some of my favourite moments from our editorials…

Blush Ambition

An iconic blush Inayah evening dress paired with an ‘anti-flower crown’ styled headscarf, I have to say that this one is my favourite. That’s a big call considering I LOVE all the shoots we did this year. Looking back at it, it has a sweetness and beauty to every frame that makes me very, very proud. Full shoot here.


Photography Lahza Photography Makeup Sumaya Manor Headscarf Styling Subhi Bora Model Inty Flowers Saltanat Bora (Editor here at TMB) Dress Inayah 


The Modest Bride

With flowers by The Grounds Florals by Silva, and an incredible Tadashi Shoji gown, this shoot takes my breath away every single time I see it. Full shoot here.

Photography Lahza Photography Dress Tadashi Shoji Makeup Sumaya Manor Headscarf Styling Subhi Bora Model Inty Flowers The Grounds Florals by Silva Headpiece Maria Elena Headpieces 

ZAH_9089-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-018ZAH_9222-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-006 ZAH_9268-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-009

Simplicity Reigns

WE took a simple Inayah white maxi dress and amped it up by adding a flower crown, long silk tulle veil and an embellished belt. Against a beautiful backdrop with the most perfect sunset, this is a great example of how to take a budget dress and make it bridal. Full shoot here.

Photography Lahza Photography Makeup/headscarf/model Subhi Bora Flowers Saltanat Bora Dress Inayah

ZAH_9568-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-001ZAH_9626-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-005 ZAH_9708-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-010 ZAH_9617-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-004 ZAH_9644-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-006

Modern Love

Inspired by quotes on love found in the Quran, we envisioned a modern, minimalist shoot- all white, with touches of gold and black. The simple but breathtaking lace Alex Perry gown paired with a gold collar necklace and big white roses… Take us back to that day! Full shoot here.

Photography Lahza Photography Dress Alex Perry via The Barefaced Bride Makeup Sumaya Manor Headscarf styling Subhi Bora Flowers Saltanat Bora Model Amina Moussa ZAH_2414-2-ZF-8950-29124-1-001-027ZAH_2351-ZF-8950-29124-1-001-023ZAH_2237-ZF-8950-29124-1-001-014ZAH_2398-ZF-8950-29124-1sdg-001-026ZAH_2331-ZF-8950-29124-1-001-0221ZAH_2022-ZF-8950-29124-1-001-001

So there you have it! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you all next year! Onwards and upwards and many, many more creative moments in the works. We hope you’ll join us…

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