Bloggin’ it up

After months of Instagramming on my ‘The Modest Bride’ page, I’ve decided to branch out and make it a blog!

I absolutely love running the Instagram page, and feel that I have so much more to share with my followers. Instagram limits such potential, so here we are! Blogging away.

This blog will feature Real Brides, Style inspiration, DIY and Flowers. It will also explore Marriage, because you know, “first comes love, then comes marriage…” And I’m big on the idea that “it’s not just about the wedding, it’s about the marriage.” So I’ll be sharing some insights from my experience of marriage, and others too. I’ll also continue some of the features of my Instagram page, such as Modest Fridays, Sunday Quotes and the odd Interiors inspiration.

I hope you enjoy this page as much as I will enjoy creating it!

If you are a Modest Bride and would like to for your wedding to be featured, please email me on:

Or if you will be a Modest Bride, and have questions or anything that you’d like to see on the page, also shoot me an email to the address above. ImageImage via:

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