Blush ambition

I am beyond proud to present The Modest Bride’s first editorial. These shoots were an absolute labour of love, hard work, tears, stress, fun, laughter and ultimately, fulfilment. To those who helped make this happen, I can only say thank you. Dreams that I had of doing this were brought to life because of you.

Thank you.


Creative direction and flowers Saltanat (Editor of The Modest Bride- aka Me)

Photography Lahza Photography

Make up artist Sumaya Manor A Totally and insanely talented gal!

Hijab styling Subhi Bora (my sister)

Model Intezar

Dress Inayah Blush evening gown

A note on the model: When I dreamt about doing editorials I always got a little stuck on the question of models. I couldn’t seem to get past the niggling feeling inside that something needed to change here. Let’s face it, the model industry is brutal. It is brutal for the models themselves, and brutal for the rest of us who don’t look like them but are constantly told that we need to look like them. So I decided that any editorial I would do, I would photograph real women. Whether that be models, or friends, tall, short, petite, curvy… Let’s celebrate women in all their forms. For real. So here’s Intezar. A friend of mine brave enough to be my first subject for an editorial. Give her a round of applause people, because she did an incredible job.

A note to my sister: You are the rock for my very being and I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

A note to Zahrah (my photographer): You are talented beyond what you believe. The photos below are proof. Thank you for making my vision come to life.

ZAH_8868-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-001 ZAH_8872-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-007ZAH_8883-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-009 ZAH_8886-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-003 ZAH_8918-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-002 ZAH_8922-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-010 ZAH_8978-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-004 ZAH_8980-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-005 ZAH_8986-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-011 ZAH_9019-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-012 ZAH_9025-ZF-9164-82525-1-001-006


  • Sana says:

    Saltanat, congratulations on the amazing result of this combined effort. The work speaks for itself and it is a beautiful record and testament of collective creativity at a particular time and place. May Allah increase you and place Tawfiq in your projects 🙂 <3

  • Amina says:

    Saltanat and team, you’ve all done such a wonderful job in this editorial! It’s great to see muslim women performing on such a high level in different areas. It’s a true testament to our ability to go beyond and above the society’s expectations and negative stereotypes. Keep up the good work! xx

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