Designer Spotlight- Chana Marelus


Finding a modest wedding dress has been made easier of late due to the trending of long sleeves and higher necklines. Despite this, a bride is still somewhat hard pressed to find something that ticks all the ‘modesty boxes’. A dress may have long sleeves, but they are lace and sheer with a dropped v neckline. Hardly ideal.

So it’s nice to have a designer whose intention is to design modest gowns. No sheer sleeves or low necklines to work around. Chana Marelus creates for the bride who loves high fashion but “wants to be modest and classy at the same time.” Designer Chana Marelus dreamt of creating haute couture dresses that could be worn within the guidelines of modesty that she grew up with. She knew she has fulfilled this dream when she started getting clients who did not necessarily prioritise modesty but fell in love with her dresses because of their beauty.

And beautiful they certainly are. The aesthetic is all clean and simple lines uplifted with jaw-dropping details to give them haute couture status. They really are the perfect dress for the uber stylish, modest bride…

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