Designer Spotlight: Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche couture 2015 ‘Papillon D’Amour’ collection is full of such beautiful, light, airy yet textured and modern looks.  Designers Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl turned their attention to a sensually graceful and, at the same time, dainty creature – the butterfly. Because of its lightness and beauty, in Japan the filigree insect is regarded as a symbol of femininity, with two butterflies symbolising wedded bliss.

Kaleidoscopes of dancing butterflies were embroidered onto tulle, gracefully fluttering skirts and filigree floral motifs like the ‘Lovely Lace’ pattern from France were combined to provide the butterflies with a playground of love.

In their airiness and transparency these delicate floral lace creations represent a symbiosis of conventional femininity and cool elegance. My favourite is the juxtaposition of knitted silk and alpaca to create lightweight jumpers and casual capes that can be worn casually over the floor-length, opulent lace dresses.

Romantic lace creations with floral beauty, a kaleidoscope of swirling butterflies and modern silhouettes offer a glimpse of what the ideal bride of 2015 will look like, defined by feminine power and pure elegance.

KG_Bridal Knit Sweater_02 KG_Lovely Lace Dress_03 KG_Papillon Bustier Dress_02 KG_Bridal Knit Sweater KG_Florence Allover Top KG_Florence French Top KG_Florence Midi Skirt

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