Designer Spotlight- Odylyne the Ceremony

This month’s Designer Spotlight is on the incredible Odylyne the Ceremony. It’s difficult in the world of bridal fashion to be brave enough to produce something different, something undeniably unique and yet amongst this Odylyne the Ceremony is simply a breath of (magical) fresh air. A company who strives to challenge the ordinary and the typical, their design aesthetic is truly stunning and simply inspiring. In their new collection ‘The Romantics’ the raw beauty of their bohemian gowns were all captured in the half light of dusk. Accessorised beautifully with feathered, bejewelled crowns, they are sure to inspire many a bride who seeks to do something refreshingly different on her wedding day. The collection is reminiscent of the past and indeed drew its aesthetic from “the deep emotion, sensibility and beauty of the life and art from the 1800’s.” Ethereal moments of the day that ties two people irrevocably to each other is reflected in the romance of each dress.

Their mission in their own words…

In our ethereal sphere there lies no reasoning, no typicality, no explanations, no realism, no comparisons, nothing ordinary, and no normalcy. Our mission is to help you leave all of those things behind.

Odylyne the Ceremony, thank you for inspiring me afresh. I shall now go away and dream of rugged landscapes blessed with golden dusks and bejewelled fairies in flowing lace gowns…

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