Diana Kotb- The Vicereine Collection

Diana Kotb’s second collection entitled “The Vicereine” is a series of exquisitely tailored pieces that exude absolute class. I particularly like the dropped waist and pussy-bow detailing of the maxi dresses. Must get my hands on one! I’m eyeing the white one for a crisp summer look. What I love about Diana Kotb is not just the high-quality garments, or the fact that they are made in Australia, but also the artistry and styling of her photoshoots. I’m always inspired by her stunning, unique but always modest, hijab styling.

From Diana Kotb:

“…we pride ourselves on beautifully tailored pieces that make you feel luxurious, feminine and demure. Designed and made in Australia, we do not sacrifice on quality or the integrity of a garment. Much consideration, time and effort is put into creating modest clothing that makes a Muslim woman feel extraordinary.”

There is truth to those words because having purchased and worn one of her pieces recently, (here), I can say that you really do feel elevated in her clothes. I wore it the One Fine Day Wedding Fair, which, let’s be honest, is not a place crawling with Muslims. On top of that, I wasn’t there as a bride, I was there on business. So I had to introduce myself to the various stalls that appealed to me, explain myself and form a connection with them. In the current climate, this is an intimidating task. But wearing such a beautiful piece actually did give me the confidence to forge ahead and do what I needed to do without hesitation.

I can see the pieces in this collection working beautifully for any professional workplace, paired with soft blazers and leather handbags. They are distinctly feminine, elegant and functional. With Diana Kotb, Muslim women would no longer need to compromise on their modest standards to ‘fit’ into the workplace. They can go forth, strong and confident wearing clothing that was designed specifically for them.

I am beyond excited to present to you her newest collection- The Vicereine.
















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