Eid Gift Guide: Go Fair Trade

My personal challenge this year has been to purchase from fair trade or ethically made sources. As a Muslim, we’re taught that we’ll be questioned about everything that we do, and the choices that we make. I think that this also applies to what we choose to buy. Since the end of Ramadan is approaching, eid presents are one thing on the list that needs to be ticked off. I couldn’t possibly buy from non-ethical merchants for eid presents! What kind of an end would that be to the most spiritual month of the Islamic calendar, one that is supposed to overhaul our spiritual states and hopefully result in better versions of ourselves?

Yesterday I went gift shopping for the family and managed to buy everything from fair trade stores for under $200. That’s for ten people. Yep. Ten people. I bought one gift for each married couple. I spent less then I ever have on gifts for the family and didn’t feel guilty about supporting companies that make their products in sweat shops.

So here is my Eid Gift guide with something for every member of the family.

If you click on the images it will link you to the website.

1. Beautiful Gold Filigree necklace

byzantium necklace

2. Antique brass dome lantern

antique brass dome lantern

3. Beautiful notebook

blue brocade notebook

4. This book is the best. Better than any kid’s toy you could buy.

31 ways to change the world

5. Folk flowers salad bowl

folk flower salad bowl

6. Peony painted teapot

hand painted peony teapot

7. Jali Photo Frame

jali cut photo frame

8. Wrap Maxi Skirt

maxi wrap skirt

9. Love heart mug

love heart mug

10. Set of 3 herb planters

set of 3 herb planters


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