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Every frame of Farah and Robieh’s wedding is so beautiful, it was hard to choose just a few for this post! Their day was elegance defined, with the black, white and green palette. Farah’s gown was perfection, the flowers were the perfect adornment for their day, and the bride and groom’s happiness is palpable from every shot. Enjoy…

How did you meet Robieh and I met through mutual friends/family back in 2014 after I crashed his birthday. It wasn’t until we unexpectedly bumped into each other at our close friend’s destination wedding back in 2015 that things kindled between us. I was a bridesmaid for that particular wedding in desperate need to find an MC to introduce the happy couple and there was Robieh. He conveniently asked for my number so I can send him a SMS with all the bridal party details. That evening our friends noticed something between us, they conveniently played match makers during their very own wedding reception! After I left the reception Robieh confirmed his feelings with the groom and here we are!

Tell us about the proposal There was no grand proposal as such where Robieh bent down on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring from his pocket. Not long after the wedding we began speaking to each other and getting to know one another. A couple of weeks into our relationship I knew there was something special going on. I couldn’t hide it from my mother, so after 3 weeks of getting to know each other I told my mum. My mother already suspected something was going on, and I was glad to get things out in the open. Robieh also felt the same way, he told his parents not long after. His parents formally met my parents after a couple of months where Robieh asked for my father’s permission to get to know me with the intention of marriage. We celebrated our engagement in April 2016 with our family and close friends.

Describe the wedding planning My close friends would know this but I never really wanted a wedding. I loved the idea of an intimate brunch/dinner with immediate family and close friends and having a really long honeymoon instead. Maybe having around 60-80 people.

I remember the first time me and Robieh spoke about our wedding and I told him what I thought about for our wedding. He just laughed at me. Put it this way, our engagement which was considered very small, was more than double that amount! There goes that idea!

What inspired your wedding style I have always loved looking at iconic wedding photos from Grace Kelly, Princess Diana as well as Catherine. I loved their classic and timeless style. So, when planning my wedding I used classic elements with a modern twist. I wanted something that would never age but also incorporated todays trend.

I opted for a black, white and green theme with the home, venue and floral decorations. However, for our bridal party my florist and I decided to add some plum and light pinks to the mix. My bridesmaids wore different style dresses of their choice in shades of Taupe, which just added that touch of contrast on the day.

Tell us about your dress I always knew I wanted make my dress. Wearing a hijab means that it can sometimes be difficult to find a modest dress that’s long sleeve, non-see through and the style that you want. The hard part was choosing a designer that made me feel comfortable and embraced the fact that I do wear a hijab. Which is why I chose Suzanna Blazevic. She was so understanding and humble. Sharing her experiences and knowledge on dress making whilst still taking my thoughts into consideration. She made and my mother feel comfortable, and was incredibly patient. I completely trusted her with every decision that we made. She also made the dress of my dreams without going over my budget which was also important.

I wanted to stick to my theme of classic with a modern twist, which is what my dress was all about. It had the perfect combination of lace and satin with a detachable skirt. Its my most favourite dress to date!

What does marriage mean to you both Farah: Marriage is so much more than just a promise to love each other. It’s a long-term commitment of trust, respect and compromise. It’s being there for each other unconditionally emotionally, physically and mentally. At the same time its enjoying life with your best friend everyday with no expectations.

Robieh: To me, marriage is not only the commitment of trust. It is being able to depend on one another. Two people coming together to move forward as one and be able to carry each other through the best and worst of times.

Memorable moment Farah: I can’t say there was one particular part of the day I loved more than another. It was the fact we celebrated with our nearest and dearest that made the whole day and night magical. Our families were all so over joyed and I must say we had an incredible bridal party!

Robieh: Seeing Farah for the first time in her white dress and finally being able to call her my wife.

Overall As cliché as this might sound, I loved every single moment of our wedding day. I forgot about the itinerary and just went with the flow taking in every second. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the wedding!

1.Preparations-0075of1816_farah-robeih (2)1.Preparations-0068of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0051of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0048of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0077of1816_farah-robeih 1.Preparations-0030of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0281of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0282of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0232of1816_farah-robeih (1)1.Preparations-0322of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0334of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0238of1816_farah-robeih 1.Preparations-0252of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0426of1816_farah-robeih    1.Preparations-0359of1816_farah-robeih 1.Preparations-0348of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0353of1816_farah-robeih 2.BridePickup-0437of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0439of1816_farah-robeih1.Preparations-0187of1816_farah-robeih (1)1.Preparations-0208of1816_farah-robeih (1)2.BridePickup-0503of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0395of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0448of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0453of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0462of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0459of1816_farah-robeih2.BridePickup-0458of1816_farah-robeih 2.BridePickup-0478of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0613of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0634of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0663of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0698of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0861of1816_farah-robeih3.Portraits-0859of1816_farah-robeih (1)3.Portraits-0891of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0893of1816_farah-robeih (1)3.Portraits-0919of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0927of1816_farah-robeih 3.Portraits-0901of1816_farah-robeih (1)3.Portraits-0984of1816_farah-robeih3.Portraits-0975of1816_farah-robeih (1)3.Portraits-1014of1816_farah-robeih4.Reception-1111of1816_farah-robeih (1)

4.Reception-1057of1816_farah-robeih 4.Reception-1098of1816_farah-robeih 4.Reception-1370of1816_farah-robeih 4.Reception-1491of1816_farah-robeih4.Reception-1808of1816_farah-robeih


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