How to be the best bridesmaid

Let’s admit it. There might be bridezillas out there. But there are also “Bridesmaidzillas”, which let’s face it, are worse than a Bridezilla. At least the day is kind of a BIG DEAL for the bride, you know, because she’s getting married and all. But with today’s social media and selfie obsession, the Bridesmaid B*%$! has evolved into a whole new beast.


Here are some tips for being the best bridesmaid:

Put your phone away I can understand how hard this must be! Oh the NEED to SELFIE on a day with SO MANY Insta-worthy moments. How can I even have the nerve to suggest this! Well, let me tell y’all something. I’ve seen weddings where the bride desperately needs assistance with her dress, or her flowers, or just someone to help calm her nerves, but her “dearest friends” are too busy taking group selfies over and over again just to get that one right photo. Which they then of course must edit and share on the spot. Don’t do it girls. The photographer is taking enough photos. Just put the phones away.

It’s not about you Shock horror! This day is not about how hot(!?) you look. Or how perfect your dress, or hair, or makeup needs to be. If your bride-friend puts you in a sack with purple eyeshadow because that’s what she wants for her wedding, well just put it on without whinging and get busy helping her out. She chose you to be her bridesmaid because of your friendship, and this is the time when it will be tested.

Be attentive Pay attention to what is happening on the day. Find opportunities to make the day sail smoothly. Whether it’s wiping mum’s tears, giving the grandma a hug, playing with the children to keep them occupied, or holding the bride’s things, just be present on the day to be a helpful and kind bridesmaid.

Offer compliments Compliment the bride! Gush about her bridal beauty, even if you personally wouldn’t wear a jewel encrusted mermaid gown for your wedding. Guess what? It’s NOT YOUR WEDDING. Be genuine in your compliments as well! Trust me, a few kind words to the bride will go a long way in settling her nerves.

Be present Yes I know, so cliched. But it’s true. Actually be present in the moments of your friend’s wedding day. Soak up the beauty, the love, the emotions, the opportunity to celebrate your friendship with your nearest and dearest. Because once she sets off on her married life, you don’t know how much things can possibly change.



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