Jessica and Jake

Jessica (from the blog Golden Swank) and Jake’s garden wedding was full of serendipitous coincidences (she shares her wedding date with her parents anniversary!). The floral arrangements were breathtaking, the simple gown elevated by beautiful chantilly lace and beading, inspiring and the tender moments captured by the photographer, moving…

What marriage means to us For my husband and I, marriage is eternal. It is a sacred thing that we will share forever. He is my best friend and the love of my life and I am so blessed to have found my perfect companion.

Style of wedding Garden wedding with coral and gold elements

Wedding dress was very special to me since it was custom made my a local dress maker in Utah. We designed it together and it came together beautifully. The bodice of the dress was made from a silk chantilly lace and hand beaded with pearls and Swarovski crystals. I opted to a non-fussy, sleek skirt which created a classy and elegant look. I also had a removable sheer overskirt which I wore for part of the reception to add a wow-factor for when my husband and I entered the party. It is the prettiest dress I’ve ever worn! 🙂

Location We were married in the LDS Temple in Los Angeles, California and had our garden reception at my parent’s home that night.

Flowers were one of the most important aspects of our wedding for me. However to save on cost, we opted to have bud vases scattered on the reception tables with wine bottles housing tall candles. We splurged on a few larger pieces like the bouquets and a floral archway at our reception tent’s opening. Sarah Winward is one of the top florists in the industry and I was fortunate to be able to work with her for my wedding. She provided beautiful arrangements involving cream colored peonies and taupe colored roses.

Cake was a three tier chocolate marble cake with buttercream frosting. Delicious. Need I say more?

Photography my photographer, Ciara Richardson is nothing short of phenomenal. She has a way of capturing the most tender moments so beautifully. These photos will undoubtedly be cherished for a lifetime.

Memorable moment The date of our wedding was very dear to my heart since it was also my parent’s anniversary and my father’s birthday. It was such a neat experience to celebrate that day with them. We even sang happy birthday to my dad during the reception! I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderfully beautiful wedding day and hope you all enjoy these photos!


Dress custom made by Cathy Tanner in Utah
Florist Honey of a Thousand Flowers
Hair and Makeup Carrie Purser
Photographer Ciara Richardson
Videographer Rich Miro
Bridesmaid Dresses ASOS
Venue LDS Temple and Oakes Residence

JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDAL_ciara_richardson_photography_5JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDAL_ciara_richardson_photography_26  JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDAL_ciara_richardson_photography_36JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDALS_ciara_richardson_photography_13 jg JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDAL_ciara_richardson_photography_5 JESSICA_OAKES_BRIDAL_ciara_richardson_photography_38    duo10JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_220JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_72 duo19  JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_68 duo2 duo13JESSICA_JAKE_WED_FILM_ciara_richardson_5duo14JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_61JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_35JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_218reception 1 JESSICA_JAKE_WED_FILM_ciara_richardson_19 duo4 duo11duo3 JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_163 JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_127JESSICA_JAKE_WED_FILM_ciara_richardson_46  JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_162JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_147 duo6JESSICA_JAKE_WED_FILM_ciara_richardson_16JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_237duo7 JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_179JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_250JESSICA_JAKE_WED_ciara_richardson_200

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