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When Kryolan Professional Makeup Australia invited us to attend their workshop with Critics choice award winner of 2013, and Emmy award nominated, makeup-artist to the stars Sian Richards, we were beyond ourselves with excitement. As it was hosted in Melbourne, we couldn’t think of a better rep than Zulfiye Tafa (aka The Hijab Stylist) to go and see what it was all about. Here’s her review of the event…


Let’s be honest, a makeup workshop seemed like the perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work on a Tuesday night! I was not familiar with Kryolan prior to being invited by The Modest Bride to attend, and after attending I’m so glad I went!

I have to be honest and admit that anytime I need makeup done I will always get it done professionally. Although in the recent few months I have decided that if I have access to the tools, I should learn to do it myself! So the Kryolan VIP makeup event was the perfect opportunity to develop my skills.

As soon as the event started I was drawn in by Sian Richards and her vibrancy. She is a beautifully honest woman, and never holds back a complement. She is also brutally honest and told me the one area I needed to correct was any ashy area I have (something people with darker skin are prone to when applying makeup). I laughed and told her that I loved how brutally honest she was, it made her complements mean so much more!

I was most excited because Sian Richards had done makeup for Halle Berry, and anyone who has darker skin knows that it is hard to find a makeup artist that knows how to work dark skin. I was lucky enough to be called up on stage and have Sian Richards work her magic on me. She only used two products, the camouflage cream and eye shadow as blush. The results were amazing.
What I took home from the Kryolan Make up event was not only some amazing makeup, but the concept that you don’t need to own a lot of make up to create a beautiful look. Its best to stick to basic products of high quality and to get creative with makeup you do have, instead of continuously purchasing new products.

It was a great opportunity, thank you!


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