Life of My Heart Prints & a special offer

There has been a proliferation of gorgeous, modern Islamic art lately. The use of brush lettering to convey beautiful text from the Quran is a favourite of mine. Not only does it look visually pleasing, but it is also a great reminder of Quranic ideals.

Marryam Lum is an artist and photographer from Australia and her prints from her ‘Life of My Heart’ business are absolutely stunning. Combining brush lettering, watercolour painting, and even photography, they are simply wondrous. Generously, Marryam offered to send me one of her prints. Here’s the one I chose, currently sitting on my desk…




In Marryam’s own words:

“My brush lettering work came from a need I had when struggling through issues that life presents to us as humans, to be able to make the beautiful, inspiring verses of the Quran accessible to the non-Arabic speaker. I, as most Muslims, obviously turn to the Quran for guidance when experiencing hardship and for inspiration, however as a non-Arabic speaker with a lot of beautiful Arabic calligraphy in my home, I also wanted daily reminders of beauty, inspiration, strength, patience in contemporary artwork which I could see and read and understand, in my own language as well as in Arabic.

lomh 2nd collection 020 copy

Arabic is such an amazing language and it is visually stunning, but I did want artwork I could also appreciate and read super fast – specifically focusing on Quranic verses and duas in the artwork that double as a visual remembrance of Allah (swt) but also a way to be making constant dua and dhikr.

lomh 2nd collection 012 copy

The name Life Of My Heart came from a beautiful dua made by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in which he asked Allah (swt) to make the Quran the life of his heart. This spoke to me and conveys exactly how I am feeling right at this point in my life. My vision for Life Of My Heart is to bring verses of the Quran which are not so commonly heard to my brush lettering, to hopefully inspire more people to reflect and also to help them gain some calm and perspective in their busy lives through these wondrous verses.”


Beautiful aren’t they?

Now here’s the exciting part… Marryam is giving my readers a special offer! You will receive 25% off your total order with the code MODBRIDE25 upon checking out. The offer is available until the end of January 2015. Don’t miss out on this offer lovelies! Head on over to her website and start picking! Good luck 😉

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