Mixing it up

A bridal trend that I am loving at the moment is mismatched bridesmaids. Bridesmaids all wearing exactly the same outfit, down to the same jewellery, is just weird. I’ve found that I love the idea of unique dresses that reflect the personality of the girl, rather than forcing them into ‘wedding day uniforms’, which seems so nineties. It’s time to move on people.

Here are some guidelines for getting it right:

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Stick to a colour palette by keeping the maids in similar shades of one colour


Glitter and Shine texture can be a uniforming feature


Floral print pretty dresses in a variety of floral prints. Add in some muted dresses just to break it up


Maid of honour in a unique dress


Mismatched whites keep the silhouettes sleek and don’t be afraid to throw in a jumpsuit


Ombre it up


Keep flowers the same to tie it all together…



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