Mood board: Islamic art

The sheer beauty and intricacies of Islamic art and architecture are an endless source of inspiration. Floral motifs, jewel toned colours contrasting with stark black or white, and vast spaces that were built on Faith in a Being Greater than themselves and this world… Each and every detail results in a wondrous creation that aims to expand the boundaries of our universe, of our minds and our imaginations to ultimately achieve beauty. Because where there is beauty, there is truth, as Plato puts it,

“Beauty is the splendour of Truth…”

Incorporate roses in hammered silver vases, hang intricately carved lanterns from ceilings en masse, and wear an embellished gown in the palest golds or be bold and wear a jewel-toned shimmering embroidered gown. Invite your guests to dine with you outdoors, lounging on richly coloured, woven floor cushions, surrounded by hundreds of lanterns or go for a modern, minimalist Moroccan inspired dining experience, with rows of long tables, candles, and tumbling white blooms spilling from golden urns under a starlit sky…

Make your eternal union to your truest friend a celebration that transcends the Earth. Make it a union that is a witness to the Ultimate Truth.










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