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Although weddings come with a lot of exorbitant and trivial costs, one thing I think is definitely worth spending on is photography and videography

Sure it’s the fact that one day when you look back at those photos of the day you became husband and wife, you want to see something beautiful.

It’s more than this though.

You want those pictures to stir the emotions you felt on that day, photos that bring back the nervous excitement, the busy preparations in the crisp early hours of the morning of the day, the bittersweet moment you step out of your parent’s home to start a new life, the pride swelling inside when you walk side by side with your husband for all your nearest and dearest to see… You need photos that capture those raw emotions in an honest, beautiful way.

The most important step in achieving this is picking the right photographer. Not all photographers are equal, so I’ll be sharing my favourite photographers over the next few days. First up from Melbourne, Australia (but they do travel internationally) is Erin and Tara, an incredible duo of photographers who simply produce the most stunning and timeless images. In their own words:

Inspired by the thought that a love story should be timeless, our wedding photography has a real sense of agelessness; its mood and style natural, honest, emotive…

Our polished yet soulful and candid documentary style, along with our love of dreamy light – filled images,  beautifully evoke this sense of timelessness in every wedding we shoot. Our images are not only this raw and natural style, but also how our love for couture is blended fashion with photojournalism, giving magic to every small element that combines to tell the story of the day.”

Erin+Tara. copy


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