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I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring my readers some product reviews. There are a lot of amazing products out there that fit the ‘sustainably, hand/locally made’ niche and I’m dedicated to bringing them all to you. Not only do I want to bring you the best products, but more importantly, I want to support small businesses who provide quality goods in the most ethical way possible.

So here is my first review mainly aimed at my Muslim readers- Ame Adornment makes “sustainable, ethical, luxury scarves” that are made in Australia currently in modal jersey, silk and silk chiffon.

All the words that I like to see in a product 🙂


I purchased this lovely crimson orange jersey scarf and have fallen in love with the colour. For someone who wears mainly neutrals, this colour was a departure from my usual gray, brown and black comfort zone. But the shade of orange was just too lovely to resist. It’s also very soft (like, I want to fall asleep in this fabric ‘soft’) and drapes beautifully. One thing I found problematic was that the edges were not completely straight- they curled up for some reason. I remedied this by folding them in slightly.


Amy’s (founder and director of Ame Adornment) vision:

“My vision is to make simple yet beautiful garments, in Australia, using only the best fabrics. I will continue to scour the earth to find premium, ethical fabrics so that my customers can feel happy and proud that they are wearing a quality garment, made with love, not human exploitation. All my scarves are made in Sydney by a manufacturer who is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia… I’m dubious about buying things that are not made in Australia – I’ve seen some factories in places like China and the conditions the people work in are shocking.”

Well said Amy. Well said.


About the choice of fabric:

My modal jersey is a premium stretch fabric made from European beech wood fibres. The fabric itself was woven in Sydney from the imported fibres and I instantly fell in love with it… Modal is more air permissible, more durable (yay – no pilling!) and softer than cotton.  Modal also drapes more elegantly than any other jersey material and has a lustrous, silky quality.  Due to its breathability, modal has anti-bacterial qualities and is perfect for those, like me, who suffer from skin irritation in the summer heat & humidity.  You can imagine how relieved I was when I tested my hijabs in Bali in 33 degree heat and 90% humidity – my hijab was like a refuge from the tropical, monsoon heat.

I’m relieved to hear that too! Summer in Australia’s 40 degree heat aint exactly fun. Overall, I love this scarf and it’s now one of my favourite go-to pieces. The luxurious feel of the scarf and stunning colour (which I received many compliments on already) make it a definite wardrobe staple- without making me feel guilty about what conditions it was made under.

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