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I recently received the best Eid present. The creative genius from Fatima Zahra Prints sent me this beautiful print over the weekend. I’ve written about Eid presents before, stressing the importance of trying to go fair trade and buying from ethical sources. This is another way to buy Eid gifts, or gifts for any occasion really and support local artists and businesses at the same time, rather than buy from the major chains.

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The print I was lucky enough to receive 🙂


The quality of the print, the minimalist aesthetic and the quote chosen all combine harmoniously in this print. Every time I walk past it I find myself smiling, and it’s added that much needed reminder to my home.

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In the artist’s own words:

“I’m in love with anything to do with love, and am inspired most by Islam – learning about it and the great characters throughout it’s history. I’m also passionate about peace, whether it’s in the home, or around the world. My aim is to create visually appealing works as a constant reminder to be happy, grateful, and thankful, and I think having that around the house or office will inspire positivity for a healthy mind, happy marriage, and peace.”


More prints from the Etsy store. This is so cute.



I think that she has most definitely achieved her goal of “inspir(ing) positivity for a healthy mind, happy marriage and peace” with these prints. My soul immediately feels at once rested and motivated to be more compassionate and merciful to those around me when I glance at the print.

To purchase these gorgeous works of art, visit her Etsy store, and catch her on Facebook and Instagram.

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