Vendor we love: Sugar Love Candles

I gave my Instagram followers a sneak peek of these amazing candles a few days ago…


A friend (Zahrah from Lah’za Photography, who also happened to take these beautiful shots) gifted me one of these gorgeous candles a few weeks ago. Absolutely taken by the crystal glassware and the delicious scent, I had to find out more about who it was made by.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were made in Australia by the company Ooh Ahh Invitations (whose invitations I’ll also be reviewing soon). I was even happier to find out, once having contacted the lovely owner of the company, that the candles are handmade in Australia. They are also “100% natural soy wax and pure fragrance. There are no additives, no chemicals or petroleums used, therefore providing a healthier option for the home and for children. The fragrances used are all natural and not overpowering. We have also incorporated designer crystal glassware to house the candles so not only are they a nice option to have at home, they also form part of the decor.”


I have to say, every single time I walk past my candle, I fall in love with it all over again. I’ve always loved candles, but never really liked the packaging. They were always housed in bulky, ugly glass ware that I just wanted to throw out after the candle finished. The crystal glassware of Sugarlove candles add such elegance to the house that I know I’ll reuse the glassware.



They also make great bonbonierres for any event: wedding, baby/bridal shower etc, or as gifts for the bride, a birthday, kitchen tea. I know I’d love to receive one (especially the large sized ones) as a gift (hint hint to my friends lol).

I think these candles are just a perfect harmony of great design and “conscious” manufacturing, in terms of the use of natural ingredients. I have a two year old at home and I’m expecting baby no. 2 so it gives me great comfort to know that the candle I’m burning in the house isn’t releasing toxic fumes for us to breathe in.

Candles and enquiries available here.

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