Roots // Modern Uyghur

We are a third-culture generation. A community of individuals who move through life in lands foreign to our grandparents, yet our identities and futures are connected to histories we don’t know enough about.

Through our Roots series, we want to capture the unique aesthetic beauty of diverse cultures and their expression on one’s wedding day. Not as an historical curiosity, but as a recognition of the beauty in holding on to cultural motifs and expressing them today, through the experience of fluid identities and blending of lived realities.

Our first photoshoot is a modern take on the Uyghur bride. It is inspired by the Uyghur atlas (ikat) – close to our hearts, as our mother is Uyghur.  The vibrancy of the very traditional atlas fabric balanced with the deep emerald green dress is showcased in the full colour images.

The black and white images remind us of photos that we’ve seen growing up—old-school black and white film photographs shared by our parents of a time where life was both more simple and more challenging.









We would like to thank:

Creative direction Saltanat Bora

Photography Z by Zahrah

Gown Johanna Johnson via The Barefaced Bride

Florals Just my Pretty

Makeup Sueda Akin

Model/Creative direction Subhi Bora 

Headpiece Maria Elena Headpieces 




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