Simplicity reigns

This shoot was inspired by the idea of a simple white dress, accessorised to elevate it to be worthy of a bridal look.

This Inayah long white crepe dress is your ultimate budget dress (at just $92.78 AUD). It’s beautiful in its minimalism and has a slight shimmer that wows. The only drawback is the slits on the side, but that can be altered. Considering the very low price of the dress, one can compensate with more costly accessories. The sash from Maria Elena Bridal Accessories is beyond stunning and just the piece needed to take the dress to greater heights. Add an OTT flower crown and floor length silk tulle veil and what results is a simple yet breathtaking bridal look.


Dress Inayah White Long Crepe Dress

Photographer Lahza Photography

MUA/Model/Hijab styling (she’s a triple threat) Subhi Bora

Sash Maria Elena Bridal Accessories

Creative direction/flowers The Modest Bride

ZAH_9563-(ZF-4381-05969-1-001)ZAH_9568-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-001 ZAH_9573-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-015 ZAH_9575-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-002 ZAH_9587-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-003ZAH_9617-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-004 ZAH_9626-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-005 ZAH_9644-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-006 ZAH_9648-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-007 ZAH_9674-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-008 ZAH_9698-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-009 ZAH_9708-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-010ZAH_9727-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-012ZAH_9783-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-013


ZAH_9863-(ZF-9937-63152-1-001)ZAH_9872-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-018 ZAH_9876-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-019 ZAH_9881-ZF-4890-79975-1-001-020

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