Real Weddings

Nothing else inspires like a real wedding, one that is oozing with true emotion, love and joy. We would love to be a part of your story by sharing it with our readers, to inspire and to uplift. If you think that you are a Modest Bride, here are the guidelines for submitting your wedding…


Before deciding to share your wedding with us, make sure you take the time to understand the ethos of our blog. How can you do this? Well, you can start by reading our blog posts and our About section.

If you feel that your wedding is in line with the values of the blog, you can get started with putting your submission together. Here is what you need to do for a complete submission:

1. Complete ALL the details in the The Modest Bride Submissions Guidelines. If there’s anything missing or incorrect, your submission will not have a high chance of being considered for publication.

2. Consider carefully the 100 or so photos that you will submit. Ensure that the editing quality is on par with the overall look that our site strives to achieve. We prefer photography that is natural, with beautiful lighting, and an honest quality about them. Take a look at the ‘Notes on Photography’ series to get an understanding of what we like. They should be a variety of photos that tell the story of your day. From preparation, to the ceremony, the bride and groom enjoying their day with family and friends, location shots, the little details such as the cake, shoes etc and the reception.

3. Attach the Q & A and photos in ONE email with the subject as you and your partner’s name to

4. Please ensure that your wedding has NOT been published on another site. We like to publish exclusive and fresh content on the blog.

5. Don’t fret if it takes us some time to reply as we have a lot of content to get through. And if your wedding hasn’t been selected to be published, don’t feel disheartened. Now it’s just easier to send in your wedding to another site! Do understand though that it is our right to choose what we would like to publish, and what we feel best represents our values and our blog.

What is important for us here is to share weddings that show genuine love and friendship, celebrated in a beautiful yet humble manner. A wedding that proves that marriage is a stepping stone to a much greater path- one of true companionship. We want to be a part of this story, and to show our readers that what we should ultimately strive for, is a marriage more beautiful, more enriching, more fulfilling,  than the wedding…