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This wedding is proof that all you really need to celebrate a ‘wedding’ are two people who are totally in love, their family, a location that is close to the heart, and a damn awesome photographer. Thought that we had shared some beautiful but simple weddings on this blog? Well, think again, because Taylor and Ben’s beach wedding in Maui with literally just their family is probably going to set the record for a simple but full of heart wedding…

A proposal that is something out of a film kicked off Taylor and Ben’s wedding story, and here it is in Taylor’s words:

“Ben was the sweetest, most thoughtful boyfriend when he came up with his plan for the proposal…  I was completely surprised and completely overwhelmed. I stopped by my parent’s home after a long day of work and my mom was the only one home. She said she had a home video she wanted to show me- I had been going through them recently and loved reminiscing so I was excited to see what she had stumbled upon! She turned the TV on and it was a video I’d already seen before of my little brother in his diaper playing with the hose. The scene changed there was Ben standing there, “Okay,” he says, “so this isn’t the home video you thought it was but I wanted to make our own video documenting our journey to where we are today.” I immediately started to cry as the music started and it showed Ben at every special place we had been to in our relationship. He went to our first date spot, where we first kissed, where we fell in love, where we lit off wish-lanterns on New Years Eve, and where we laughed so hard we cried. In each spot he held up a sign explaining the significance and what it meant to him at the time. The last shot was of him in his parents’ backyard with a sign that said, “This is where I ask you to Marry Me.” The video stopped and my mom looked at me, “let’s go!” she said. Our parents happen to live just a few houses from each other. Wiping tears from my face I walked out the door with my mom only to find my family and his lining the street leading to the Macey home, each person holding a bouquet of flowers. I stopped at each person and was overwhelmed with tears and smiles. I finally made it to the Macey home and walked up the driveway to find a pathway of rose petals leading to the backyard. I followed the path only to find Ben waiting for me on his knee. He asked, I said yes, and the rest is history!”

Isn’t that the sweetest proposal EVER?

From there, the conundrum of planning the wedding arose, and Taylor, who had always wanted a ‘wedding, wedding’, discovered after meeting Ben that she didn’t want this as much as she wanted a marriage. She wanted a wonderful, no-stress day celebrating the fact that she and her best friend were “becoming partners in crime for eternity”. They both decided that they didn’t want to worry about flowers, or invitations, or doing an 18 hour marathon on the day of their wedding. This wedding was about them. So with this in mind, they planned an epic family vacation getaway to Maui, Hawaii where they could get married, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, in a relaxed, sunset beach ceremony.

The couple acknowledged that although their wedding was far from traditional, for them it was perfect, “a dream”, something that they would recommend to everyone. Keeping the wedding simple stripped away all the complications and stress that come with a traditional celebration, allowing them to focus on what marriage really meant to them…

“Ben and I don’t think of our relationship as “marriage” because of all of the complicated connotations associated with it. People always say, “it’s so hard!” or “prepare to argue often” or “you’re too young to tie yourself down to something that gets old fast.” Ben is my very best friend and because we got married, I get to spend every day knowing he is my best friend forever. We get to have a sleepover every night! We get to laugh together until we fall asleep! Now, I get to be united with my very best friend forever and create a family with him. Being married means we get to progress in bettering ourselves, we get to be humbled in being selfless…”


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Vendor Details

Photography Miesh Photography Ceremony Venue Beach front in Lahaina (West Maui) Reception Venue A small restaurant in Old Lahaina Bridal Gown/Veil The Perfect Dress Rings Shane Co Earrings Claire’s Groom’s suit Jcrew and Gap

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