The bridal headscarf

It’s difficult enough to try and go ‘modest’ for your wedding day, but then the added complexity of how to incorporate your headscarf to complement your gown can complicate it a whole lot more. These days finding inspiration for a modest gown isn’t as hard it was say 10 years ago, and this blog is testament to that. But creative ways to cover your hair can still be quite limited. The growing number of ‘hijab bloggers’ and ‘hijab stylists’ have certainly made this process a lot easier, but sometimes even these sources can limit one’s creativity, as the same styles are recycled over and over again.

So here is my take on the whole “evening headscarf” look (click the images for links).

Choose an epic jewelled piece…

This one from Maria Elena headpieces is my favourite.Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.03.02 pm

Or this incredible beaded cap with attached silk chiffon veil by Johanna Johnson


A Juliet cap is my favourite style of head scarf for a bride because it frames the face beautifully and is conducive to maximum coverage…

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A glammed up turban is the perfect look to complement a high necked gown…

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The detailed veil, reminiscent of the Indian style veil is also a stunning option because of the intricate detail and the flow of the veil around the face…

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Using the veil to simply wrap around the head and neck is also an elegant alternative. Top with a headpiece or flower crown as we did below…


My ultimate advice would be; don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and style. An all white look from head to toe is not necessarily the best way to go. It’s nice to break things up with accessories or different coloured fabrics. You can keep the colours neutral, or go for different textures. Be brave! Try something original that really reflects you, and not just a cookie cutter look that everyone else is going for.

What style would you be brave enough to try on your wedding day?

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