The Happy Bride

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Yesterday we chatted about ‘Bridesmaidzillas’ and how they could be the best bridesmaid by putting themselves (and their phones) aside to be attentive to the bride. Today we’re talking Bridezillas. Or just the stressed Bride. Or the nervous Bride. How can you be the Happy Bride?

Remember the big picture Sure, every bride’s intention is to get MARRIED, but a lot of the times the bride becomes enamoured with the wedding itself and ends up with tunnel vision, i.e., she forgets about the whole marriage-after-the-wedding thing. Reminding yourself of the bigger picture will help the planning process a lot easier on you and everyone else. Also, one should try to prepare themselves for the realities of marriage even more than they should prepare for the wedding. There are plenty of marriage workshops around that you and your fiancé can attend before the wedding.

Relax You’ve done all the planning beforehand, so just take the opportunity on the wedding day to just let things unfold as they should. Delegate, and allow your bridesmaids, parents, and friends to handle any possible hitches. Remember, ultimately, you are not in control of everything.

Take a moment On the day, take a moment for yourself to just, breathe! Or pray. To make dua (a short prayer) that your marriage is blessed with true love, joy and friendship. Take a moment to just soak it all in. This will go a long way to calm those jitters.

Have fun Why so serious? Put a smile on your face and be lighthearted by enjoying the day with your new husband and friends. Simply smiling can alter your whole mood.

Show your gratitude Take the time, at some point during the day, to thank those who helped you plan the day, who supported you. Thank your parents for all that they have done for you in raising you (not just in helping you with your wedding), thank your new husband for being present, patient and caring, thank your friends for putting up with your panic attacks and irrational demands, and most importantly, have gratitude for the Creator who in His Infinite Wisdom made everything possible.

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