The Modest Bride

THE modest bride espouses an undeniably beautiful style, unpretentious, unassuming and uncompromising. Inspired by a gown that is simple yet opulent in its pearl embellishments and lace detailing, the Tadashi Shoji stunner was our ultimate muse in creating The Modest Bride… Visions of sweeping emerald fields and golden dusks juxtaposed with a modern glamour were brought to life by resident photographer Lah’za Photography. A sweeping silk tulle veil gently folded over a turban style headscarf topped off with the delicate bejewelled headpiece perfectly complements the gown. A mixed bouquet of greens and whites whispered of a romance that meandered across fields and into the night…


ZAH_9078-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-002 ZAH_9125-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-003 ZAH_9186-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-004 ZAH_9200-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-005ZAH_9224-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-029 ZAH_9222-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-006ZAH_9089-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-018 ZAH_9242-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-007 ZAH_9243-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-008ZAH_9244-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-036 ZAH_9268-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-009 ZAH_9288-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-010 ZAH_9289-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-011 ZAH_9352-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-012ZAH_9356-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-044ZAH_9361-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-045ZAH_9367-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-047 ZAH_9405-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-013ZAH_9434-ZF-5491-80526-1-001-049 ZAH_9449-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-014 ZAH_9470-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-015 ZAH_9471-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-016 ZAH_9472-ZF-8060-57137-1-001-017


Dress Tadashi Shoji (no longer available)

Photography Lah’za Photography

MUA Sumaya Manor

Flowers The Grounds Florals by Silva

Headscarf styling Styled by Subhi

Headpiece Maria Elena Headpieces

Creative Direction The Modest Bride

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