The Modest Bridesmaid (or wedding guest)

Bridesmaids dresses or even wedding guests outfits, in the world of ‘modest’ style usually consist of a strapless/one shoulder dress of some kind with a tight, long-sleeved top underneath.

Sometimes this works.

Most of the time it doesn’t.

My personal philosophy on modest dress (in general, not just for evening wear) is not to compromise on my values by wearing what is designed for immodest wear, and just throwing a skin-tight top underneath, or skinny jeans/leggings if it is a tunic style dress.

When compromise shows, not only does it look wrong stylistically, but it defeats the very intention of trying to be modest.

There are a lot of long-sleeved, looser silhouetted, flow-y gowns out there. They are beautiful, and affordable too. Also, they result in a cleaner, consistent and classier look.

Here are my favourites from around the web:

Tadashi Shoji







Halston Heritage


Aidan Mattox


Aidan Mattox


Hijab House


Haute Hijab


I have tried to keep the prices of the dresses as low as possible. If money were no object, there are a lot more long-sleeved options out there. But even the Tadashi Shoji dress I posted is exorbitant (in price- at over $600) to me.

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