The Start of Something Special: Modesty Caravan

We were excited to receive an invitation to attend the launch of Modesty Caravan in Sydney. Hosted at the beautiful Linwood house, it was like stepping into an Austen novel, complete with gorgeous gowns, inspired accoutrement, and a garden picnic.

The motivation behind this event was even more beautiful than the surrounds, inspired by the long journeys that the Prophet (s) used to take, Modesty Caravan is all about designers and creatives coming together and sharing their work with the community.


Bringing together an international group of vendors, hailing from as far as Ukraine, this is one store you want to visit. Curated carefully by the visionaries Eisha, Ebru, Delina, and Amalina, all directors of Modesty Caravan, they ensured that there was a mix of everything you can think of from handmade soaps to high-end designer clothing.

Eisha gave a heartfelt welcome, “when the Prophet (s) travelled long distances with his caravan, he must have carried beautiful things from Mecca. What did he do on the long road? He must have developed relationships with people he met, shared food, created connections… Why can’t we have a space that celebrates the crafting of beautiful things, and to experience things he experienced? This is my first and foremost reason for starting Modesty Caravan.”

Ebru and Eisha

The second reason for Modesty Caravan is to, “celebrate the work done by designers and creators,” and to create a space that encourages collaborations, closeness, and the chance to connect. Eisha is passionate about bringing people together and reigniting the tactile experience that is fast being replaced in our ever-digitalised world. She said, “we’re excited to bring together products from international labels so that local communities can touch and feel their creations.”

Langston Hues, Life of My Heart, Little Wings Gallery, Haute Hijab, The Olive Tree Soap Company, and others.

Eisha looks forward to welcoming more vendors and creatives from different skill sets to join the diverse Modesty Caravan family. “It’s open to all people, as long as they have ethics of modesty and high quality, we want them to join.”

So what does the future hold? Eisha and her team have plans to host Modesty Caravan in Melbourne and Perth soon, with the goal of expanding to Asia in the not too distant future. Follow Modesty Caravan on Facebook so you know when they’re hitting your town.

Eisha and Ebru

Ebru and Eisha


Zulfiye Tufa (The Hijab Stylist) and Shea Rasol were part of the VIP launch, making their way to Sydney from Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur.


Clothing by local Australian designers, and print by Life of My Heart.







Cake by Humble Bakes.





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