TMB x LTD Collaboration

‘Sun, Moon & Sea’ 

A TMB x LTD Collaboration

The aesthetic and vision of Love to Dress is all functionality, elegance and beauty. It also emphasises strengthening the bonds of sisterhood with mutual support and love through an unshakeable trust and faith in the Creator. This is all translated into their beautiful, minimalist and high quality garments that cover all the bases a Muslim woman needs in her clothing.

‘Sun, Moon & Sea’ is an encapsulation of these qualities. An awe-inspiring clifftop overlooking a vast ocean was the perfect backdrop for our shoot. Three dresses in shades of deep plum, black and ivory adorned three beautiful, unique and strong women. Each frame is a stunning vignette of raw rock juxtaposed with the soft blooms and fluttering gowns. We were blessed at the very end of our shoot with a clear and bright moon, the epitome of beauty, against a waning sky in the softest shade of rose pink and pale blue.

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Dresses Love To Dress (Nayla in Cream, Raeesa in black and plum)

MUA/Photographer Sumaya Manor

Co-creative/Headscarf stylist Subhi Bora

Creative Direction/flowers Saltanat Bora (editor of The Modest Bride)

Models Amina, Nawal and Farah

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