Wedding guest attire rules

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Thou shalt adhere to the following rules to be the perfectly dressed wedding guest:

1. Do not wear white, unless it has been specified on the invitation that guests MUST wear white a la Solange’s wedding (or her mother’s wedding).




2. Keep it simple stupid!



3. Go for floral prints for a garden wedding (genius tip I know. Just groundbreaking)



4. Be true to your bohemian spirit… (complete look with obligatory flower crown, or feathers in hair or headscarf, or do both…)



5. Sparkle in the night with decadent beads (just disregard rule number 2)

image1xxl image1xxlj

6. Most importantly, be true to your own sense of style, wear what you are comfortable in, BUT please do not, under any circumstances, wear a long sleeved top (in what you think is a similar colour- at least be brave and make it a different but complementary colour, or a different fabric, or beaded…) under a strapless dress. Please. Just don’t. If you must wear a strapless dress, wear a soft, silk, or beaded, or structured (the possibilities are endless) blazer on top for a more complete look. 



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