Mood board: Lilac obsession

It’s always fun to brainstorm wedding ideas. What better way to procrastinate?

In all seriousness though, when one finally does get engaged and wedding plans suddenly become real, one of the first things one thinks of is what theme to go for. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a matchy matchy wedding ‘theme’. I think one should simply go for a palette of hues that compliment one another, that you gravitate towards.

Here in Sydney we’re at the end of winter entering Spring and to me, that means lilacs.

lauren albanese photography







Images from the top:

1. Lauren Albanese Photography/ Intertwine Floral

2. Elie Saab

3. Etsy store- Hello Twiggs 

4. Michelle Edgemont Photography

5. Lisa Marie Kaspar 


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