Why Modest?

Before I get into the beautiful, modest wedding dresses out there, I think it’s important for me to talk about why I’m so passionate about modesty in the first place and what the premise of this blog really is.

These days, ‘modesty’ seems to actually be gaining popularity, what with “Hijabi Fashionistas” and high-end designers (such as Valentino) who seem to have caught on that it’s a huge market.

To me, the motivations to ‘keep it modest’ vary from religious, personal and societal influences. The most important of these is of course, religious. As a Muslim, I try to adhere to the principles espoused in its Holy Book, the Quran. Despite all the discussion (particularly these days) regarding the parameters of modesty, what is clear is that Haya (or Modesty) is a core tenet of the religion. Not just with respect to one’s dress, but with the way one lives his/her life which reflects their attitude to their Creator. Humility with the One who created this universe is crucial to Islam, and humility is linked irrevocably to modesty.

What I will say from now though, is that living this is a struggle. Especially in today’s world which promotes the self, living a life of materialism, a society obsessed with aesthetics etc. In no way do I think I’m close to the ‘ultimate modesty’, whatever that may be. I don’t think the point is to reach an ultimate goal though, I think it’s about struggling to reach it and being real with our intentions with regards to how we are living. This page will reveal my own struggle so please with-hold the criticism.

I look at weddings these days, and they have been completely blown out of proportion. The societal and cultural pressure to deliver an elaborate wedding actually prevents young people from getting married.

So to me a ‘Modest Bride’ is not just a bride who wears a full-length dress with sleeves. She is one who struggles to maintain humility on her supposed ‘Big day’, one who understands that the wedding is simply an inauguration to her marriage, which will last a lifetime, far beyond that ‘One day’.

It was difficult for me to get this across via Instagram, thus the birth and necessity of this blog.

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